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Portsmouth, Ohio
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Engineer in Portsmouth, Ohio

3 years of experience specializing in Python and other high level languages
Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Shawnee State University
Server side Python
Developed Flask endpoints with gunicorn
Developed and maintained enterprise software
Worked directly with potential clients on sales
On-boarded new new clients
Designed, built, tested, and maintained the core system our content staff use to produce one of our key products. This required working both alone and in a group. Hit expected due dates and kept meeting with the staff using the product to make changes that they saw fit.
Developed solutions to make our applications rebrand-able by customers for resale under a new name without traces of it being sold by us and maintained security and new features for this system.
Used selenium with the FireFox and PhantomJS web drivers to test applications along with using them to interact with other sites to extract data.
Involved in sales calls for enterprise software to large clients along with working with client tech teams to help them integrate our software and services.
Initialized installment of backup systems for production hosting servers.
Developed and installed remote logging system for production servers.
Designed and shaped new data models by changing systems from a shelve storage model to NoSQL and PostGres models
Kick started integration of SalesForce into application reporting for sales, accounting, and billing.
Participated in paired programming.
Solving basic CAPTCHA with automated systems
Unit Testing
Big Data management and analysis
Maintained search engine procedures
Developed server balancing API’s
Launched flagship product capable of searching all federal and state databases for a name or vendor including nicknames and filters according to an assortment of available filters -
Direct contact with clients
Traveled to represent company at conferences
Machine Learning
Web Scraping using a combination of regular expressions, urllib, selenium and other web tools
Deployed new versions of software on schedule
Built REST API’s for use by public facing clients and internal systems
Designed new software solutions on both front and back end
Used document interpretation techniques to write automated services to parse and store data from unstructured format such as PDF’s.
Responded to support tickets from high value clients and solved problems for clients
Migrated applications to new infrastructure
Managed source control for applications
Documenting source code
Wrote test harnesses
Wrote database queries
Wrote cron tasks
Wrote services to monitor applications for problems or errors and to report to the correct staff via email when needed
Took part in review and assessment of other employees
UNIX Administration
Developing NoSQL and SQL systems

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